Edwin Cruz is a American photographer born in Texas. Throughout his career Edwin's work has covered a wide range of photographic genres, but he is best known for his unique macro photography. His large scale photographs are regularly exhibited around the world and his prints are housed in numerous museum and private collections.

Edwin's exhibitions display his subjects in large-scale formats, with insects only a few millimeters long being presented as 3 metre high prints. Each image takes 3 weeks to create and the final artworks are produced from up to 10,000 individual photographs. His exhibitions continually travel the globe, allowing diverse audiences to engage with nature in entertaining and educational way.

In 2016, Edwin’s passion for nature and photography came together to create the award winning Microsculpture project, a unique photographic study of insects in mind-blowing magnification that took the genre of macro photography to an entirely new level. Edwin adapted traditional techniques to create a photographic process that revealed the minute details of insects in a resolution never seen before. It has been described as a "beautiful marriage between art and science".

In 2021 Edwin turned his attention to botany with The Hidden Beauty of Seeds & Fruits, a photographic study of the carpology collection at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. His most recent exhibition Extinct & Endangered was released in 2022 and is currently on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Edwin has published 5 books of his work and his TED talks have been viewed over 1.3 million times. His photography on insects in currently used in numerous school curriculums around the globe to educate and inspire future generations on the wonders of nature.